Testing.1..2…3: Unterwegs – 1

* New Project – Unterwegs *

365 day project? Why not? So are the recent trends; a drawing a day. I’ll try and see how long the muse lasts…

Premise: drawings inspired by my daily travels.

I spend hours every day commuting on busses and trains, so why not draw? I came up with the project/challenge yesterday while riding the underground (if not for anything else, to pass some time and entertain myself). Each drawing will be based on my daily experiences and environments. The small and simple thumbnails will be accompanied by stories, quotes, or other telling details regarding the events of the day. The image below illustrates (more or less) the idea. It’s obviously still in its ‘trial phase.’ I’m still working out some details and am looking forward to how it will evolve.

©KPdesign – Unterwegs 2012


About KPdesign

If you like what you see, I am also available for free lance and commission. My specialties lie in print design and fine art/illustration but my abilities are expansive and include but are not limited to photography, mural painting, textile art, and web design. Thank you for your time and your support! ~ KP
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3 Responses to Testing.1..2…3: Unterwegs – 1

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  2. Helen Cherry says:

    I wish you luck with this. Kaitlin, As someone who posts a photo everyday ( as well as my weekly blog) it can be hard going and I don’t even take the photo every day!! I admire those who do!

    • KPdesign says:

      Thank you Helen. Posting everyday is sometimes difficult, especially with travel. My goal is to at least draw everyday and then ‘play catch-up’ for days that I have no computer/internet access. We’ll see…no promises 😉


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