There’s a polar bear in my water bottle!!!

No, seriously!!! Check out that water droplet….doesn’t it have an impeccable resemblance to a polar bear?…do you see it? I promise I’m sane and don’t spend my days staring at water bottles, waiting for animal shapes to appear…welcome to the mind of an artist who may or may not be procrastinating a bit…or I could pass it off as ‘exercising my creative mind’…or maybe simply sleep deprivation? Whatever…you know you see a polar bear too! 😉

© KPdesign 2013

© KPdesign 2013


About KPdesign

If you like what you see, I am also available for free lance and commission. My specialties lie in print design and fine art/illustration but my abilities are expansive and include but are not limited to photography, mural painting, textile art, and web design. Thank you for your time and your support! ~ KP
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