Meet KP

Let’s be real. Who reads paragraphs…well, specifically paragraphs about an ‘about me’ section? We read enough these days eh?

So let’s get down to the good stuff, about me (sans long, boring paragraphs):

I’m Kaitlyn Parker

You can call me KP

KP Design is my company

Gus, the green bird, is our mascot

I paint

I draw

I design

I take photos

I fiddle with web design

Let’s just say I’m a ‘jack of a lot of trades’

I LOVE working with recycled materials

I’m passionate about: travel, nature, and all things artsy fartsy

I’m available for commission and free-lance

Examples of things I do include, but are not limited to: murals, fabric/textile paintings, graphic design, photography, custom paintings, cards design, calligraphy, and a bit of web design.


Other Website(s)?


Twitter (@KPDsign)



Please look me up, or better yet, drop me a friendly ‘hello’ 🙂

Thank you for your time, interest and your support!

KP and Gus

…Oh, and P.S. – Gus and I really appreciate receiving credit for our work. We love to share but please do your best to give credit where credit is due (we try our best to uphold these same expectations as well – thanks).


16 Responses to Meet KP

  1. seeker says:

    Thank you for allowing us to your post. I give plenty of credits.

  2. I love your blog and so I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out the link

  3. just found ur blog. beautiful work! love everything!

  4. Looking to seeing more of your work. Love what I’ve seen so far!

  5. Hey Kaitlyn! It gives me great pleasure to nominate you for the Inspiring Blog Award! Congratulations!

  6. jav3d says:

    Nice blog, and great intro.

    See, I even read it all ; )


    Bonjour KP,
    Merci pour ce blog rafraîchissant et très créatif.
    Caresses à Gus.

    • KPdesign says:

      Bonjour and Merci 🙂
      I have a big smile on my face now – thank you for the kind words!
      …and so sweet of you to send Gus a little hug too – he adores the attention 😉
      ~ KP

  8. cravencreativity says:

    KP, I LOVE your blog and wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger Award! You can find the specifics about this award here:
    Your blog is an inspiration, keep doing what you are doing:)


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